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Cuba with the new 3G connection.

December 27, 2018

As life is varied, it is internet. And also the ways in which this technology is used. Therefore, it is not unfortunate to say that the opinions regarding access to the network of networks from mobiles, service started in Cuba on December 6 by the Telecommunications Company of Cuba S.A. (Etecsa), has unleashed multiple criteria.

The opinions can be consulted today on the websites of the media of the country, as well as on social networks. And they show how it has been the start of an expected service throughout the year, after about 12 months ago announced its departure, which is here to stay.

As an initial data, Etecsa told this newspaper that after the start of December 6 have registered up to 145 000 simultaneous connections to data from the mobile network, a number that indicates the popularity of this service.

After the first days of use there are several topics that provoke debates and exchange of opinions. Juventud Rebelde looks at the phenomenon.

A recurring theme
Something was repeated in the opinions of the users after the service started: although the quality of the connection has been described as good by the majority, they are also inclined to see that the prices are still high.

“For me, who visited annoying wifi areas, it’s phenomenal. It fulfilled my dream. Now, with the price, uff !, too high. I accessed the 2 GB package and in a couple of days it is going very fast. The connection is working pretty well, “said a user who identified himself as Reinaldo in a forum organized by our newspaper on the day of the presentation of the service.

Another user, Seka, has a different opinion. He considers that the service is of quality, and adds that “although it is expensive for the common pocket, it is cheaper than I thought. Etecsa must work on this, so that the demand rises and cheapens the cost, “he said.

For Yoender, “it is true that prices are very high and megas are consumed quickly. But I imagine that later, little by little, they will come down. Remember when the lines cost 120 (CUC) and the internet time 4.50 (CUC) … and look now where the prices are going and hopefully they keep going down. So far the service I see it well and stable. It needs to stay that way or much better ».

In that sense, users also believe that in the future Etecsa could launch other offers of packages that cost less than the current minimum tariff, 7 CUC for 600 megabytes (MB) of international navigation with a national bonus of 300 megabytes.

Among the ideas outlined by users are packages that contain access to one or more free social networks and other amounts of megabytes and gigabytes at cheaper prices.

On the other hand, although not disconnected from the packages, the users asked Etecsa to extend the periods of validity in the useful life of the purchased megas, scheduled for 30 days. They even suggested that they not disappear if they were not consumed in the established time, and are kept for when a new purchase is made.