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The professor who can paint all night.

December 27, 2018

The television hanging in a corner of the Venice cafe suddenly rises in volume. The murmur ceases, but the conversation is the same. The murder of Laura Luelmo Hernandez changes the plane, the bar and the table on which for a game of mus to the screen. On the TV, neighbors of El Campillo speak, in Huelva, where he had lived for ten days; 501.6 kilometers away, in Venice, Villabuena del Puente, in Zamora, the village of the teacher’s maternal grandparents. They shake their heads while they remember “the granddaughter of Chencha” passing in front of that same place just a week ago, on the bridge of the Constitution.

In the same town Zamorano is the home of Teófilo Jiménez, Luelmo’s boyfriend. Motocross champion, thirties, known and loved by all the neighbors. The last one he talked to.

In the religious school where she made a maternity substitution last November, also in Zamora they remember her as a young person “cheerful, friendly and smiling”. Yesterday they spent a minute of silence.
She was also honored in Valencia, where she studied four years ago the Master of Drawing to be a professor in the old faculty of teaching at the University of Valencia. “She was a sweet, affectionate and patient woman”, says the teacher Carmen María, her tutor in the three months of work she did in a Valencian institute. “Today [for yesterday] we remembered her. My partner Ana and I have explained to the students that these things can not happen. ” The young Zamorano came to practice with just 22 or 23 years, recalls the teacher, the same age as his daughter. “I remember her so young, so brave … When I spoke to her in Spanish, she answered me: ‘No, no, in Valencian and so I learn’. It was cute on all four sides, a love girl, “he adds. She says that the students loved her very much, that she was a very respectful girl. “She painted in oil and a didactic unit for Baccalaureate was prepared on the subject. He liked it a lot, “adds María, reports Cristina Vázquez.

After Valencia, he moved to Madrid to do a Master’s Degree in Design. There he participated in an open day of the National Library of Spain (BNE). Her tutor in her museum, Gema Hernández, tells that she met her two years ago in the master’s practice: “She was happy, maybe shy, but eager to break through and improve her work. Aware that he was working on his future. ” There he made some cartoons that were a success, according to the Library published on his own Twitter account, reports Javier Portillo.

The sentence was also felt over 8,000 kilometers, in Mexico, where he spent a year of exchange between 2013 and 2014 at the University of the Americas in Puebla. “She was a very beautiful person, beautiful physically and beautiful human being”, explain her friends Lidia G. Zapata and Rocío Herrero.
Always wanted to help, offered house and food: “I did not have a bit of evil.” He loved to go dancing with friends, to learn salsa and bachata: “He said he loved the Latin thing”. But mostly I enjoyed painting. Laura could paint all night: “It was when inspiration came.” In those moments, she talked about all the things that were left to do: “She was a woman prepared with thousands of things to live”.

The family home is closed. Everyone has gone down to Campillo and awaits the autopsy of his dead daughter. The father, agronomist in Agriculture of the Board of Castilla y León just retired. The mother, employed in the Employment Service of Zamora, and her brothers, a boy and a girl younger than her, former students of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Zamora.