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The trust after Cáceres.

December 27, 2018

The composer Mario Cáceres made his debut as a singer because of a destiny decision. His promotional theme “The eighth wonder” was a musical proposal for an artist like J Balvin or Maluma, but the song found voice in its own author.

Cáceres explained exclusively to the world, that he recorded the referential voice of the subject to show it to the singers, but a call from Costi, a Romanian DJ with whom he recorded the song, changed all the plans.

“It’s a great blessing. It was a proposal I made with Costi and to show it I recorded the reference voice. Costi called me several days later and told me that the people at his label loved how my voice sounded. I had always been looking for a song to launch myself as a singer and they made this proposal to me and I said ‘why not? Why deny ourselves to the possibility if fate has treated us so well and has always surprised us? “Said Cáceres.

The interpreter, who was inspired by the woman to write the subject, explained that he never imagined that “The eighth wonder” would be the song with which he would officially debut as a singer.

“Once I commented to Alejandro Reglero, son of Ricardo Montaner, who wanted to go out and sing but did not know with what song. He told me ‘grab any of those who have not grabbed you that those are pure sticks’. One day I put on my headphones to listen to the songs I’ve done and have not caught and when I got to “The Eighth Wonder” I started dancing, I felt that I liked that song and I asked myself why I could not come out with that song, but I left it there, “recalled Cáceres.

The native of Maracaibo, Zulia state, said that days after that fact, it was when Costi called him to say that the song was perfect in his voice.

Cáceres assured that he was first given to be a composer and never despaired for it. The Venezuelan participated in the song compositions as “Vacaciones”, by Wisin; “Happy the four”, by Maluma; “Hard and soft” by Leslie Grace and Noriel; “I do not remember”, by Thalia and Natti Natasha and “Mayores” by Becky G and Bad Bunny,

“I learned in life to let myself go, to see or read the signs that God puts me and when I arrived in the United States I was first given the composer and I did not despair. I received it, I worked it and now I was given this phase as a singer, that’s where everything was born, “he said.

The singer, who revealed that one of his greatest pleasures is singing with people the things that come to mind and heart, explained that at first it was difficult to release the songs to be played by other artists.

“The songs are like babies that you have. It was hard for me to imagine it sung in the voice of another. Not for ego, but for fear of taking care of it, but I understood that songs find their home, their destiny and their interpreter alone and it has brought me many blessings to accept that. The interpretation is magical, the way in which the other person sees, lives, feels and transmits it because they are other experiences, “he said.

Another unexpected blessing

The maracucho, who pointed out that through music it is possible to unite lives and souls, explained that, like the song, the recording of the video was something that surprised him.

A meeting with his children, Costi, and a Romanian video director became the scene that prompted the creation of audiovisual material of “The eighth wonder.”

“I did not know that the video was going to be recorded the day we recorded it. Costi called me and told me to see us because he was in Miami. When I arrived at the park he was with two friends of which one is a video director in Romania and he told me ‘let’s do a photo shoot’ and I accepted although he did not have artistic clothes. He called and found the studio where J Balvin’s “Mi gente” was recorded and he rented it for an hour to take pictures but we ended up using it for eight hours to record, “said the singer-songwriter.

Cáceres assured that the video, which was directed by Alex Ceausu, reminds him of his childhood in the neighborhood, where the children played and where the pretty girl who loved them all walked.

“The recording was spectacular, someone took off a chain and gave it to me. Almost everything I used was not mine. It was something very beautiful, I think that when God has designed things in a way nobody can change those plans, “he said.

Also, the Venezuelan recalled that his arrival in the US was surrounded by insecurities, but, finally, he received the commercial impulse to position himself in the music industry with the theme “Holidays”.

“I arrived with so many fears, with so many doubts about what it would be like to make a new beginning without knowing much about anyone, without having money to think about recording and doing what I could to survive like all those who had to leave due to situations beyond our control. “He assured.

Within his plans for the year 2019 is “to go around every little corner” of Latin America accompanied by his guitar to “tell the story” of what has been the path that led him to debut as a singer with “The eighth wonder”, besides being an example of what e God manifests himself in everyone’s life and that dreams can be fulfilled.

“There are many collaborations with renowned artists and with those who are starting. I want to be a bridge between new artists and artists that has years of experience. Many things come of that, mixing and fusing reggaeton with all those beautiful things we grew up listening to: boleros, ballads, bachatas, cumbia, merengue, salsa and even gaiticas, “he said.

The singer-songwriter, who never stopped believing in his dreams, explained that “The eighth wonder” reaffirmed the great blessing that exists in his life and trusts in the grace of God to continue making music and to cheer, with the lyric of Cáceres, life of people.