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Use of new technologies on education.

December 27, 2018

The impact of new technologies also reaches education, and it is especially in this field where more updated technical means and capable of improving the quality of teaching must be used. We live in a society commanded by new technologies, where information technology plays a fundamental role in all areas. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the need to know how to handle the main programs. There is no doubt, that more and more, small and old, are more familiar with this tool. Nowadays, knowing the technology and using it is no longer a privilege, on the contrary, it is a necessity. The use of technology is a determining factor in the levels of efficiency and competitiveness both at the company and personal level.

Basically, to guide the analysis and synthesis of students on the use of information technology in education, the need for trained human resources, recognize the different tools that exist in the market for the benefit of the teacher, changes in the way to work in the educational field, of the new possibilities of individual development and learning with the insertion of the computer; talking about computing is talking about education. With the conviction that the school should be a space to mobilize the intellectual capacity, creativity and innovative sense of their knowledge generated in the social environment in which it is inserted.